Conspiracy theory 1: Nightclubs

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Conspiracy theory's
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Okay, so while I don’t want to alarm you…


And here is how:

First, I would like you for a second, to think about what a night club is.

Now those of you that frequent night clubs probably said, “A great place to meet people, have a drink dance and have a good time.”

Those that don’t would have said, “A cramped, sweaty place with loud music and flashy lights.”

But you’re both wrong. It is really a brain washing facility. Think of the components of any good brainwashing facility. 1) You need flashing lights to confuse the eyes and loud repetitive sounds which, when combined, disorient and confuse the subject(s)  though sensory overload.

2) You need a drug to make them more susceptible to the brainwashing.

3) You need the message, (whatever it is that you’re implanting into the subject(s)).

So to summarise, what makes a night club are:

1) Loud dance (repetitive) music and strobe (flashing) lights

2) Drugs. Even if not illicit, no night club is complete with out a bar or energy drinks; alcohol to lower your resistance and energy drinks to add to the sensory overload and absorb more of the signal.

The only thing missing is a message which could easily be hidden in the songs, strobes or even on the walls of the night club itself.

But then there’s also the question of how nightclubs get away with being full of drugs and owned by criminals/gangs, and yet the government and police – knowing both these facts – do nothing to stop them or close them down. Why would they let it continue unless they gained some bonus from doing so?

Now I’m not saying these brainwashing centers are used to make hidden assassins or buy their products or hate all french people. No, they have much lower aims that reap much greater rewards.

They stop you from caring.

Think about it, when was the last time you met someone who frequently goes to a club and cares about politics? If you live where voting isn’t mandatory they probably have never voted and never will! If they have to by law they will just pick a candidate at random and not care for the rest of their term in office. And that’s exactly what they want! A place which makes people oblivious to all other conspiracies (which will be explained at a later date) possible because they no longer care about it. They have been brainwashed into not believing the government or authority because then they would pay attention. But if they don’t care no one will question all the other things that go on.

So till next time, this is your rock loving, hairy friend signing out.

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