Posted: February 20, 2011 in Thoughts
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Out of everyone, vegetarians are probably the people who confuse me the most. On one hand, I hate the militant, meat-is-murder-and-I’m-better-than-you-because-I-don’t-eat-it side, and on the other hand I think more people should be vegetarians.

This is why:

I love meat. I have found very little better in life than a plate of perfectly cooked bacon, a tender roast or a kangaroo steak. At the same time though I also see a lot of people who won’t eat certain kinds of meat like veal or puppies, and it’s people like this that don’t deserve to eat meat at all. 

But, “How would this work practically?” I hear you say.  Well, my answer would be “Shut up, I’m getting to that.” before giving you a condescending look and continuing.

I would have in place a new law that you can only eat what you are willing to kill. If you want to eat bacon you must go to a slaughter-house and kill a pig. Only once though, not every time you want bacon or pork or ham or other tasty dead pig meat (pigs are the greatest animals), but just once and then you can eat pig products, like wise beef, chicken, etc.

So similar to a driver’s licence, you would have a meat licence.

Depending on your qualifications you would be one of the following:

Class 1:  Chicken and Fish only

Class 2: Beef and Pork

Class 3: Veal, Kangaroo and Rabbit

Class 4: All

Each person could eat the meats pertaining to their class. Therefore, as many people would be too soft to kill an animal there would be more vegetarians.

And yes, I realise this could never really work and it would create levels of bureaucracy and government control and all the rest, but it’s a thought I had that I needed to share.

So long from the yeti geologist till I next drip my thoughts on your computer screens.


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