Greatest names 2 (girls)

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Lists
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So with boys names out of the way, here are names to make your little daughter grow up to be awesome too.

Heres the list:

A-Audrey. Miss Hepburn, one of the classiest ladies ever to grace the stage. I’m yet to meet a rude Audrey.

B-Betty. Betty White, is there a cooler octagenerian? And if shes that cool now, how cool must she have been in her day.

C-Cleopatra. Need I say more?

D-Diana, married a prince, was miserable and then died. Hmm, maybe not.

E-Ellan. Ellan Riply can fight off aliens and lead marines and convicts into fights against them. Name her Ellan, she will be tough.

F-Fran, and then she became a nanny.

G-Gloria. It means, ‘glorious,’ and is a coffee brand, if not a great one, still coffee.

H-Helen, the one from Troy. She started a war, that’s impressive.

I-Ida, why not?

J-Joan. She lead an army when most women were second class citizens, tough!

K-Kelly, means, ‘warrior,’ that lives on a farm by the woods. If thats you then go for it, if not dont.

L-Lilly, from great songs to a crazy lady in How I Met Your Mother, somehow both likeable.

M- Maria, Sharapova, world number one tennis player, model and probaly does other stuff. Fame and fortune, a good a choice as any.

P-Peach, Mario’s Princess and she can fly!

Q-Again, you want to name your kid with a ‘Q’, whats wrong with you?

R-“..Ruby, RUBY RUBY RUBY!” Great song.

S-Sigorny, Miss Weaver once again.

T-Tatiana, long-jump gold medalist and a cool sounding name.

U-Uma, Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, cant be in both of those and not be cool.

V-Venus, be it a sign of womanliness or a tennis player that has almost none, both are good at what they do.

W-Wilma, Fred Flinstone’s wife (but only if she’s a redhead).

X-Xena, she’s a Warrior Princess that fights off demons. You’ll have a tough daughter if you name her Xena.

Y-Yoko, she broke up the Beatles, that takes guts if not stupidity too.

Z-Zelda, Warrior Princess, yet again, cant go wrong.

So here are the names guaranteed to make your daughter great, unless she stuffs it up, or you stuff her up. Use them wisely.


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