Conspiracy theroy 2: Media

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Conspiracy theory's
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The media. Is there any other tool with such potential, that is used so badly? …. Well my brain and the internet, but apart from that, no. But is it really used so badly, or is it just used for a more disturbing purpose than we think?

In Conspiracy Theroy 1, I outlined nightclubs as places to stop you caring. “But what about the people that dont go to night clubs?” I hear you ask. Well,  they are using the media to guide you to a place where you care about the wrong thing.

“How do they do this?” you ask. Simple, they over hype the ridiculous. Have you not noticed how every scripted show is a, “must see”, every relality show, “game changing” or “life changing”? Or how the news spends more time on celebrity gossip than real news? This is no accident, it is a well scripted farce played out by those in control. One so well planned they don’t even need to run it any more. The media has become so used to running in this style that they do it out of habit, thinking it gets better ratings.

The media plays it’s part, dumbing the brain, numbing the senses and distracting the people. Now I’m not saying a race of alien lizard people who form the Illuminati along with the top freemasons is running all of this. I’m just thinking it loudly and hoping to beam it into your head with my telepathy. The lizard people dont have telepathy (just yet).

All I’m saying is that the media distract and then focus on the wrong part of the things they do cover, like “global warming,” “wars” and such, and then drown them in pop culture dribble. So even if you do care, it’s hard to find the right thing to care about.

But on that topic I shall show you what to care about in the next instalmeant of conspiracy theories, so stay tuned.

  1. […] over total control of the world and both try to make us stupid and apethetic i know thats one and two but it seems that they now want to wake us up and start WWIII good news you might say lets fight […]


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