Zombies 1: The Group

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Zombies
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So a lot of people ask me ” will you survive the zombie appocolypse?” to which i laugh and then rip off there head and eat there brains. i’m not a zombie, brains are just delious! but i only eat the brains of the stupid and asking if i would survive is like asking if the pope has a funny hat or if  bacon is delious(not as much as brains)

but to help thoose of you that might struggle i give you the guide to help save your lives starting with who you want in your group if you’ll survive

THE LEADER: this is the most important position while having good all round combat skill he should have a plan and the ability to have others follow him ideally though inspiring confidence but at a pinch through fear will work to.

COMBAT: BLADES/CLUBS you need a man who can kill zombies up close, someone fit strong and good with a axe, sword ect

COMBAT: GUNS you will need a good shot ideally trained with a rifle but a pistol will do soldier or cop is ideal

MEDIC: while a zombie bite is fatal regaurdless of how bad other injurys and illness will come a paramedic or doctor will be ideal a nurse will do.

thoose are the 4 essential positions you want in every group the following are a very useful extras

MECHANIC: a good mechanic while not esential is a great bonus generators and cars will be very usefull early and jury rigged weapons will be invalubale in a pinch an engineer may prove almost as good

BUILDER: a good builder or carpenter will be invaluble when fortifying your dweling or building your fences

SCOUT:  a good scout someone fast, fit and fearless to run supplies, break through zombie lines and scout out new locations must be very trustworthy.

WELDER: not as usefull as a builder but will still be of use

ELECTRIAN: will be usefull till the power goes out and after if you have generators

apart from that you want fit strong people that will follow orders and do as there told and as many combat specialist as you can get guns or blades and for every 3 usefull you can have one hopeless case but if need be leave them behind heroes only get killed unless there yetis we are unkillable by something as weak as a zombie.


stay tuned for more zombie lessons in the future


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