Conspiracy Theroy 3: Weather Machine

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Conspiracy theory's
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So i have taught you how the power brokers dull your mind and put you off, but for what reason i hear you say well shut up and i  may tell you the many many reasons for which  they do it.

There are so many but i will focus on one for now the, Australian governments weather machine

So the media have been focusing on the wrong issues in Australia yet again, the last few months have brought huge floods to the east coast and a giant cyclone that was felt accross half the continent, and it’s a big freaking continent, and then theres the new carbon tax, wait carbon tax what has that got to do with anything i hear you ask?

Poor naive fools.

While the voices in the media that oppose the carbon tax may focus on the sosialist agenda or the green revoloution or global warming it’s none of them. You see global warming is the result of the Australian governments weather machine, and the recent floods and cyclone was the product of it breaking down they wanted to see if they could build a super cyclone but then realised they couldn’t stop it. So they needed more money to fix the weather machine to get it back and working to full capacity.

You see the Australian govenment have been building the weather machine since the 1990’s after years of drought, it started as a way to find more rain under the Howard government and stayed like that under Rudd and labour but when Julia Gillard got a hold of it she decided it could be weaponised, she had plans for world domination after getting backing from the mole people (the mole people and the rangas are allies as they both hold a common enemy: the sun)

So the people arguing about a tax or that global warming isn’t real or this will do nothing to stop CO2 emmissons are all wrong as are all the supporters of the tax for “green” reasons, the tax isn’t about that it’s about building a weather machine so Jullia Gillard can take over the world with her army of rangas and mole peole because only when it is eternally over cast will they be safe to walk the earth no longer afraid of the sun’s warming rays that are like acid to them.

So no matter what side of politics or the global warming debate you are on rise up and oppose this tax that will one day be used to block out the sun, Block Out The Sun!

Till next time your fuzzy dirt farming friend signing out.


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