Greatest Movies (A-P)

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Lists
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So what is the greatest movie of all time?

well simple Evil dead 2 but for thoose that dont love chainsaw hands and shorn off shotguns WHATS WRONG WITH YOU! but also here are the best movies or movie series once more in alphabetical order

A: Alien, the alien movies some of the best ever and as a series almost unbeatable

B: Back to the future, sci-fi wonder movie trilogy that even people who hate sci-fi movies love

C: Childs play, i can think of no good movies that start with c so i give you chucky

D: Dead, as in night of the living, dawn of, day of, land of, diary of and survival of, romeros zombie movie masterpeices, special mention to die hard

E: Evil Dead, while 2 is a master piece 1 and 3 are not too shabby

F: Friday the 13th, second higest grossing horror franchise of all time and birth place of Jason

G: Ghostbusters, theres something strange if you dont love them

H: Hannibel, and i shall count red dragon, silence of the lambs and even hanibel rising and call them a series

I: Inception awesome soundtrack and mind blowing story and effects, honerable mention to Infernal affairs trilogy, and Indianna jones and Inglorious bastareds

J: Jurasic Park, yes by the tird one it was a little old but the first was amazing

K: Kill bill, tarrintino at his almost best

L: Leathal weapon, best cop movies ever made and inspired a genres rebirth, special mention to let the right one and lock stock and two smoking barrels both of which one on one would beat all of the leathal weapons.

M: Mad Max, the best aussie film ever made!

N: Nobody, great western staring jonny depp as an accountant who quotes william blake as he kills people

O: Ong Bak, one of the greatest martial arts movies ever then became a trilogy tony jaa you are amazing

P: Predator, the first is a master peice the second a great b movie and the AvPs good action flicks

so half the alphabet down stay tuned for the other half some time in the future and if you havent watched every movie on here FOR SHAME!!!


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