Greatest movies (Q-Z)

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Lists
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so here’s the rest of them cause I was lazy and didn’t do them all at once


Q: why would anybody invent the letter Q it is the most useless letter in existence!

R: The place for the best movies, Robocop, Rocky, Rambo how do you choose you don’t you call it a tie

S: Saw, it the highest selling horror movie franchise and it’s somewhat intelligent it wins

T: Trainspotting. great movie if you can get passed the swearing

U: Undead, australian zombie alien flick can’t go wrong oh and it has a quad shotgun!

V: V for Vendetta, very good action movie and Hugo weaving as a mutant

W: Watchmen, it is amazing

X: X-men, I guess this is the best which is a shame

Y: Young Einstein, how to put bubbles in beer and the first electric guitar whats not to love

Z: Zorro, cause why not


so there’s the last of it umm have fun and wow this is really short I feel I should add something but don’t know what so you get this gibbering instead of something funny. enjoy


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