Conspiracy theroy 4: Flu Shots

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Conspiracy theory's
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flu shots long the domain of the easily sick and hypochondriac and shunned by those healthy fit or awesome, but what if it’s the flu shots causing this lack of health and awesomeidity (yes it’s a real word)what if rather than help you they weaken you?

drug companies I hear you say, they must make flu shots in order get people sick so they take more of their drugs and give them bigger quarterly profits!

….well no. sure people love to think of the drug companies as evil money-grubbing corporations that make you sick so they can sell the cure just to make you sick again and keep boosting their bank account but they are in fact far more evil. you see it’s not your money they want it’s your quantum life. for those of you that don’t know what this is a quantum life is the unit of life you hold in this universe but it is joined to all other life quantums of all the other you’s out in the multiverse what T.V. and movies call parallel universes, they want to steal small parts of this from you and all the other you’s in order to power their giant robot army to bring them to life to give a robot a soul! and not just one robot but millions of them, an army big enough to take over the world an army of robots that can think and feel and experience just like you but with an almost indestructible metal body and that has been raised ( yes they raise the robot souls ) to feel nothing but loathing for there fleshy human cousins.

now I am sure you’re asking since when do drug company s strive for world domination, well it’s not so much them as their lizard people overlords you see the lizard people while powerful and incredibly smart are a dying race each lives for almost 5000 years but there is only a small 10 year window in which they can breed and produce children of their own so every lizard death is seen as a terrible tragedy and so they don’t like fighting wars themselves and there robots were no use against guerilla tactics so in order to conquer a new planet they must wipe out the inhabitants by stealing quantum life and growing robot souls,

i just want to dwell on that for a little bit robot souls! souls for robots I can think of nothing that terrifies me more than a robot that can think and love and be kind, a robot that is ruthless and logical that is relentless in its misson to kill me, that I can face up to, that I can fight but a robot that has the ability to be as kind or as depraved as a human one that can hold a grudge one that can hate or love one that is unpredictable that is a truly terrifying concept. AND THERE REAL! or soon will be and there is only one way to stop them.

refuse flu shots get to keep your life and your soul and stop the creation of these truly terrible beings by not getting flu shots it’s the only way to save mankind!

  1. Sam says:

    Lol…There was a google ad for Flu shot at the bottom of this page…


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