Sport V Art

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Thoughts
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Sport V Art

What is sport? What is art? Which is better? are they really so different? is sport an art form? is art a sport?

read this and find out!

ok so first off what is sport?

it is a game using a ball and it has no practical use. a puck, shuttle cock or disc can be classified as a ball for this definition.

and before you say what about motor sport and athletics and swimming and blah blah blah blah…. NO! they are not sports they are disciplines they are useful running fast is a talent as is swimming or driving fast or martial arts or anything else that doesn’t involve a ball.

sport is a leisure activity it is a way to have fun relax and pass time it has no practical use it doesn’t help you live a better life, except by letting you have fun, it doesn’t make you a better person or teach you valuable skills and lessons it lets you have fun and uses your competitive instincts for something truly meaningless, that is the true beauty of sport.


Art is the same, something can only be art if it is truly pointless look at Leonardo, Da Vinci not the turtle although he is an awesome turtle, but look at all the things he made and created some of his inventions are just as beautiful as his paintings but they have a use and so can not be art, art must be pointless it’s their to be thought-provoking or beautiful but not to teach you something or change your perception of the world it’s there to enjoy just like sport.


I don’t know that they are different I think sport is an art form they are both there to be enjoyed and apart from a few talented individuals most of that enjoyment is passive watching and looking at the show rather than actively taking part but both again can be enjoyed by amateurs with no training or skill for just the simple fact of relaxation creativity and interest.

is art a sport? no! but in the same way not all art is painting but all painting can be art, not all art is sport but all sport can be art.


so which is better? I here you ask…

well sport is more easily enjoyed more impressive physically and  more manly

and art is well not those things but if sport is an art then all the characteristics of sport are characteristics of art as well so one can not be better than the other as one is a part of the other my engine is not better than my car any more than my gearbox sure the engine might be more impressive than the gearbox but the car wont run if either is missing. (for the record on the “car of art” poetry is the novelty horn)

Art Vs Sport it would be like asking Eye Vs Ear there both part of the same thing.

so next time someone tells you “I’m to refined for sport” or  “I prefer arts”, or “I don’t see the point” instead of punching him in the face say “yeah me too art is awesome” then punch him in the face twice as hard for me


till next time young ones this is the large not quite so hairy one saying goodbye


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