My trip in the time machine

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Adventures
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I think it’s time I told you of my trip back in time thanks to Tesla.

I had been on earth about 4 weeks and was traveling across asia in search of  a place to call home when i meet an interesting man, he told me his name was Tesla and that he was a human but i knew that wasn’t right he didn’t smell human and he was far to old, you puny humans live and die so quickly, it must really depress you. But he was interesting his intellect was large enough to rival the greatest yeti minds I had known and put me to shame, he spoke of cloning machines and teleporters of quantum cannons and white holes as well as the mystery of life and the universe, he told tales of worlds I had never heard of and places I thought were only legend, but then he reveled his time machine to me, he said he had a mighty quest to go on and had been looking for help and that with my mighty yeti skills I may be able to complete the task for him. I agreed out of curiosity the idea of time travel intrigued me and the old mans company was good.

He took me to a cave he used as a work shop the place was full of the most interesting devices electricity pulsed through the air between to giant pylons but it was the strange circular device in the center of the room that intrigued me most it seemed almost not there, ethereal as if made of a fine mist, but when I touched it felt real enough solid and almost unbreakable it seemed to confound my mind I didn’t know what to make of it.

The old man told me to get in he played with some dials and knobs and the next thing I knew the world had vanished into a black nothingness and then an instant later we where back but this time in a large open field with a magnificent space ship hovering above us.

He explained to me the ship was that of the lizard people and that he and his people had been fighting them ever since the lizards had tried to enslave the earth, I asked when this was but he avoided the question and instead asked that I focus on the task at hand I asked him what exactly that was?

He replied that he would require my help in petrifying the alien space craft, I laughed and asked how, he explained with a jumble of science that made no sense to me but sounded impressive he then took out a cube the size of a rubix cube and said if i was able to attach it to the space ship he would activate it remotely and that if I did he would take me to anywhere and anywhere I asked, I told him he had a deal  and turned and threw the cube up onto the space ship. It was about a km off the ground and so no problem for my mighty yeti arm. He laughed and pressed a button the entire space ship turned to stone crashing down to earth. It was then he told me I had made a land mark and that this rock would be called Ayres rock and Uluru for century’s to come.

Then he asked me where I wanted to go, but that is a tale for another day…


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