So it is may 13th this post would have been more fitting to be published may 4th but well I’m not that nerdy (or at least wont admit to it) so you get it now.

But what to speak of about starwars? the gaping plot holes, the inherent sexism and racism, the stolen plots, the ridiculous amount multiple edits, the cringe worthy prequels (I actually like these and the matrix 2 and 3) hmm they are all good but no I will be positive for a change and talk of the starwars spin-off they must make.

BOBA FETT why is it this mostly inconsequential character is so cool? who cares, he is! he rides a jet pack and has a flame thrower two things everybody secretly( or in my case not so secretly) wants! and that is exactly why it will never happen he’s only cool because while your told he’s a total bad-ass he does nothing except get his face eaten off thanks to a blind guy.

Which is why being friday the 13th i will instead mention how there needs to be more of them I mean 11 movies is just not enough! there should be 15 more because they havent used flame throwers yet although the one is space did have jet packs and a cyborg two elements that make a movie almost intrinsically awesome.

So in case my lack of reason attention span or sense making hasn’t let you realise i am greatly sleep deprived having started a new job that requires 5am wake ups to battle monsters on the moons of jupiter saving the galaxy for untold horrors and space flu and still get home in time for dinner.

So enjoy your bite sized chunk of the yeti cause i might be awhile in posting the next one or I might get bored and write 3 tomorrow I have no idea but that’s all I have to say for now peace and no need to thank me from saving you from terrible space flu carrying multi-headed monsters, no biggie


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