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so as companion to the best of things here are the worst of things starting with the scientifically proven names to damage your children

A- Alfred while it’s a classy and cool sounding name your kid will still be a butler  

B- Buckley, what chance will your son have with this name, none and buckleys.

C- Chas, the douceist name to ever douce

D- Dolph, if the giant muscle-bound, chemistry degree holding, karate black belt wielding actor still can’t be more respected than Steven Segal what hope will your Under achieving  little brat have. 

E- Eugene, do you hate your son if so name him this

F- Fred, always less famous than a cartoon from the 70’S ouch 

G- Gerry, not only obnoxious but also spelt wrong

H- Harry, potter will accompany him ever where he goes leading him to hate all books and end up illiterate and living under a bridge

I- Indigo, sure it might sound exotic but it’s still purple 

J- Jevess, (see Alfred) but with out the cool and classy part

K- Ken, named after a plastic unic I can think of little worse

L- Lucian, unless you want him to grow up gothic don’t choose tis one 

M- Maximus, the romans are dead so should this name be 

N- Nolan, maybe if your british otherwise don do it

O- Oedipus, self explanatory really just don’t do it

P- Paulie, unless he has a sister that marries a boxer he’s in trouble

Q- anything there are no good Q names

R- Richard, nothing wrong with this one except your kid will always be refered to as dick 

S- Spud, nickname maybe don’t make it his real name unless you want to raise a hick

T- Totancarman, I doubt you an even pronounce it!

U- Uysless, far to close to useless as your son will be if you name him this

V- Vader, might sound like a good idea but he will hate you for it

W- Walder, evil creepy old mans name 

X- no such thing as a bad name starting with X everything that starts with X is cool straight away

Y- Yugine, not een the worlds best guitarist can pull it off your hopeless protergy has no hope 

Z- Zeus, just give him a God complex why don’t you

so there you go the worst names your son can have as proven by rigourous testing and at least 10mins of my time


ok so more great things alphabetically of course this time bands

A- ACDC they have made the same album for 30 years and it still sounds good

B- betales, the, posibly the most influential band ever and helped create and inspire a dozen genres, special mention to black sabbath

C- Cake, psudo-intelectual bogan poets but damn are they good 

D- Death, the best death metal band helped create the genre 

E- Exodus, shows the full potential of what thash can be

F- Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention, the man had more creativity than all of disco and punk put together a twisted genious

G- Guns and Roses, sweet child of mine, welcome to the jungle, enough said.

H- Hometime, christin metalcore at it’s peak

I- Iron Maiden, need i say more they are metal

J- Jimi Hendrix experince, the great guitarist himself produed the second best cover song ever in  “all along the watchtower”

K- Kreator, lucky there are no better K’s 

L- Linkin Park, may only elease an album every 5 years but they are worth the wait, led zep stiff to miss out

M- megadeth, great masters of thrash special mention to metallica and motor head.

N- Nrvana one of maybe 4 good grunge bands made a lousy genre good 

O- Opeth, the prog-death masters that got me into both progresive and death metal

P- porcupine tree, my personal favourite band, placebo also deserve a mention

Q- Queen, finally a Q worth mentioning, and Queens of the stone age deserve a nod

R- Rolling stones, wrote possibly the best song ever in “sympathy for the devil” and lasted for ever

S- Sex pistols, proved a good song has nothing to do with music 

T- the abominable iron sloth, the music might ot be great but the name is the best ever and thats enough

U- U2, dubed by some the irish betales (only by fols that kow nothing of music)  

V- Van halen, not as good as hendri but not much comption down in the V’s

W- william shatner, he made an album it is gold buy it listen to it and love it, also we are scientist are quite good 

X- Symphony X, yes this is cheating but i make the rules so del with it besides they are prog masters

Y- Yngwie Malmsteen, the great guitarest that spends to much time proving he’s good than writing good songs but still the best Y 

Z- ZZ top beared masters

ok so there they are the bands you shold follow listen to and love