Posted: June 5, 2011 in Thoughts
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Ok so for the first time I will be a full-fledged contributing tax paying member of society this despite voting multiple times and being refused for army service already, but still paying tax is the last real hurdle, and of course this means i now have a opinion on the amount of tax that people pay and hen its paid specially since most of it goes to the rangas and lizard people who secretly run the country  now I am currently working large amounts of overtime but after working 50 hours a week i jump a tax bracket which makes it a largely pointless experience to work longer and harder. this is surely what the government should encourage, so i propose not only a tax exemption but a government bonus so that for eery 3 hours of overtime the government drops your tax from an hour of work, this will in then produce a harder longer working economy and inspire and encourage extra work.

most importantly it will keep money out of the hands of the rangas and the lizard people and so lessen the impact of their power struggle and war for the minds of the world. this battle has gotten more intense in the lat six months with the rangas proposing a carbon “price” tax to raise more money to battle the lizard people as they are losing the battle against the lizards I would tel you more but I fear that they are closing in on my location and I may oon have to go through another unpleasantness in order to escape I was hoping that would never have to happen again….


but the main thrust is tax is fine but tax that makes overtime pointless and discourages a harder working work force one that taxes the man who works an 40 hour weeks for his pay the same as the man who works 60 hour weeks for the same pay is nothing short of criminal or at least unfair and set up by the lizards


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