Greatst bands

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Lists
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ok so more great things alphabetically of course this time bands

A- ACDC they have made the same album for 30 years and it still sounds good

B- betales, the, posibly the most influential band ever and helped create and inspire a dozen genres, special mention to black sabbath

C- Cake, psudo-intelectual bogan poets but damn are they good 

D- Death, the best death metal band helped create the genre 

E- Exodus, shows the full potential of what thash can be

F- Frank Zappa and the mothers of invention, the man had more creativity than all of disco and punk put together a twisted genious

G- Guns and Roses, sweet child of mine, welcome to the jungle, enough said.

H- Hometime, christin metalcore at it’s peak

I- Iron Maiden, need i say more they are metal

J- Jimi Hendrix experince, the great guitarist himself produed the second best cover song ever in  “all along the watchtower”

K- Kreator, lucky there are no better K’s 

L- Linkin Park, may only elease an album every 5 years but they are worth the wait, led zep stiff to miss out

M- megadeth, great masters of thrash special mention to metallica and motor head.

N- Nrvana one of maybe 4 good grunge bands made a lousy genre good 

O- Opeth, the prog-death masters that got me into both progresive and death metal

P- porcupine tree, my personal favourite band, placebo also deserve a mention

Q- Queen, finally a Q worth mentioning, and Queens of the stone age deserve a nod

R- Rolling stones, wrote possibly the best song ever in “sympathy for the devil” and lasted for ever

S- Sex pistols, proved a good song has nothing to do with music 

T- the abominable iron sloth, the music might ot be great but the name is the best ever and thats enough

U- U2, dubed by some the irish betales (only by fols that kow nothing of music)  

V- Van halen, not as good as hendri but not much comption down in the V’s

W- william shatner, he made an album it is gold buy it listen to it and love it, also we are scientist are quite good 

X- Symphony X, yes this is cheating but i make the rules so del with it besides they are prog masters

Y- Yngwie Malmsteen, the great guitarest that spends to much time proving he’s good than writing good songs but still the best Y 

Z- ZZ top beared masters

ok so there they are the bands you shold follow listen to and love


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