Worst Names 1(boys)

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Lists
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so as companion to the best of things here are the worst of things starting with the scientifically proven names to damage your children

A- Alfred while it’s a classy and cool sounding name your kid will still be a butler  

B- Buckley, what chance will your son have with this name, none and buckleys.

C- Chas, the douceist name to ever douce

D- Dolph, if the giant muscle-bound, chemistry degree holding, karate black belt wielding actor still can’t be more respected than Steven Segal what hope will your Under achieving  little brat have. 

E- Eugene, do you hate your son if so name him this

F- Fred, always less famous than a cartoon from the 70’S ouch 

G- Gerry, not only obnoxious but also spelt wrong

H- Harry, potter will accompany him ever where he goes leading him to hate all books and end up illiterate and living under a bridge

I- Indigo, sure it might sound exotic but it’s still purple 

J- Jevess, (see Alfred) but with out the cool and classy part

K- Ken, named after a plastic unic I can think of little worse

L- Lucian, unless you want him to grow up gothic don’t choose tis one 

M- Maximus, the romans are dead so should this name be 

N- Nolan, maybe if your british otherwise don do it

O- Oedipus, self explanatory really just don’t do it

P- Paulie, unless he has a sister that marries a boxer he’s in trouble

Q- anything there are no good Q names

R- Richard, nothing wrong with this one except your kid will always be refered to as dick 

S- Spud, nickname maybe don’t make it his real name unless you want to raise a hick

T- Totancarman, I doubt you an even pronounce it!

U- Uysless, far to close to useless as your son will be if you name him this

V- Vader, might sound like a good idea but he will hate you for it

W- Walder, evil creepy old mans name 

X- no such thing as a bad name starting with X everything that starts with X is cool straight away

Y- Yugine, not een the worlds best guitarist can pull it off your hopeless protergy has no hope 

Z- Zeus, just give him a God complex why don’t you

so there you go the worst names your son can have as proven by rigourous testing and at least 10mins of my time


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