Worst names 2 (girls)

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Lists
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time to also ruin your daughter’s life with these yeti geologist tested worst names ever.                                                                     we begin!

A- Abigale, after extensive research (one Simpsons episode) all crazy cat ladys are named abigale

B-Beyonce, never name you girl after a singer

C-Candi, do you really need to ask?

D-Danni, being named after the lesser minogue ouch

E- Eustace, it’s not even a girl’s name stupid

F-Fran, the most annoying show and voice ever

G-Geri, spice girl nuff said

H-hermine, or however you spell it, it will end badly

I-Ilizabeth, porly spelt and pretentious well done that will make her an underachiver and gie her a superiority complex

J-Jezzabel, really good call i dare you to do it

K- Kelly, what kind of name is that

L- Leah, raised to be a princess/ spoilt brat that abandons her home planet to chase a man

M- Mindy, will one day runaway and shack up with an alien cool but not good for your daughter

N- Norah, jones worst music since well unfortunately five minutes before her but still an awful name

O- Organa, see leah

P- Paris, do you need to know

Q- again with the Q I hate it so much

R- ra-chel, douce real douce

S-Sumer, it’s a season not a name stop trying to be unique in the most mainstream way possible fool

T- Terri, far to manly a name

U- Ulcer, it’s a disease not a name people!

V- Venus, planet or annoying tennis star I wouldn’t want to be named after either

W-Wanda, a fish called wanda watch it don’t name your kid it

X-Xena, it may be the best also the worst fine fine line.

Y- Yergrrite, awful just awful

Z- Zelda, much like xena

and there we have them names guaranteed to turn your daughter in to a crazy cat lady, air head or some other abomination to spite your loved ones! So enjoy!

  1. Kelly says:

    I don’t get it Terry. First you say Kelly is a great name, meaning warrior and whatnot, now you say it’s a terrible name! Make up your mind man!


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