Tour De France

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Thoughts
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Never has there been such an amazing show of athletic ability stamina and pure guts that I cared so little about that i forgot not only what date it was, but what season of the year it was in. now don’t get me wrong I don’t hate professional bike riding ( only armatures that still wear licra and drive in the turning lanes when i want to turn and along narrow hill roads so i have to be in the oncoming lane to not hit them where a car coming round a blind coroner could kill us all!) it just bores me if I look at it for more than 10 mins at a time, but WHY?

I love sport I can happily waste a day/month watching football, soccer, basketball, hokey, tennis even pro bull riding or lawn bowls if I’m bored enough and yet bike riding i cant see the appeal I can see the immense effort the power the endurance and yet it bores me, the tour de france especially is probably the single toughest event someone can enter, 3 weeks, 100’s of km and flying up and down winding mountain roads faster than most people drive on paper it is amazing, the toughness both mental and physical is astonishing,and yet it bores me….

untill an Aussie won it.

it is now the most important sporting event ever (until he losses and I stop caring) but like surfing, moto gp, table tennis or squash when an Aussie is on top we hear about it once he drops I lose interest in the sport, so bring on the footy finals and a swans premiership! and how long till the world cup starts up again? or even cricket season?


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