Worst films Ever

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Lists
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what makes a bad film well not a low-budget or poor acting or lack of plot, no what makes a bad film is being boring boredom is the only unforgivable sin in film making and yes musicals are the worst films ever and that will be reflected in this list that is of course alphabetical because it can be

A- About a boy, why do people continue to give him roles

B- Babe pig in the city, Babe was ok this was unnessicery and boring

C- Cats and dogs 2/3? see babe

D- Dirty dancing, yes let’s make dancing even more painful

E- Easy A, try to teach me a lesson will you,

F- Fast and furious, the 4th one and the shortest name havent actually watched it and it’s probably “good “but still

G- Glee the concert movie, whats worse than a movie based on tv a musical movie based on tv that is also more a music video this is probably the worst movie ever!

H- Highschool musical(1 2 3), is to blame for glee and may be worse because of it

I- Inspector gadget 2 where the car is the only thing with the same actor just painful

J- Juliet and Romeo, yes I know it’s backwards but this need to be on the list

K- Knocked up, haha gross out comedy at its worst.

L-Little mermaid, seriously I’ve told you how it corrupts kids and it bores me stupid

M- Mary Poppins, the lady is spiteful and yet I still can’t enjoy it boring

N- Never say never, when a preteen soprano is your biggest sell point your movie sucks

O- One day, romance may be worse than musicals.

P-Priscilla Queen of the desert, i like my drag queens like i like my dress shoes in a closet and forgotten about

Q- Queen, the, I don’t care…..

R-Rise of the fallen,Transformers, you make fighting robots and explosions boring michael bay needs to watch more john woo

S- Sound of music, apart from 3 hours and two endings you also made me root for the nazis

T- Twilight, you managed to ruin vampires and werewolves that shouldn’t even be possible!

U- Up in the air, I don’t care about your depressing life

V- Valentines day, so many good actors wasted

W- wish apoun a star, grrrr

X-Xanadu, oh please why did i do this being forced to remember so many bad movies ahhhhh

Y- Young love, BLAGGGGGH

Z- Zoo keeper, Jdkfhhusgf;aghuh;

i cant do it any more you win bad movies you win back to Sharktopus to cleanse my poor mind


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