Zombies 3: How to Kill

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Zombies
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this will not be so simple as shoot them in the head because lets face it most of you can’t do that most of you would be lucky to hit them at all once the fear racks your body and it comes to trying to shoot a moving target for the first time and if you don’t get it right you might not get the chance to get better so

GUNS: first things first shoot them in the head, but if you can’t and you have a shot-gun or automatic weapon spray the legs it will disable them slow them down and give you a chance to run, if you have a pistol and you’re a bad shot probably best not to use it untill very close range as distance shots will have no effect and only make noise bring the rest of the hoard closer.

Swords/knives: good because there quiet but don’t think you can hack your way through a whole group you will tire quickly and if the blade gets caught it could be lights out and then back on as a zombie

CLUBS: very dangerous not recommended for the weak bodied minded or stomached will do damage but will require great force very much a last-ditch effort but good for pushing back to make your escape

but best of all improvise you will need to get creative if you have explosives use them if you have heights drop stuff on them set fire to them use any means you can cause blades will break and guns will run out of ammo but your mind will always be full of destruction.

and a quick motivational video


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