Greatest hero/villian

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Lists
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the best Hero’s and villains from movies books TV and anything fiction as always alphabetically




A-Aldo reign, the inglorious basteard

B-Bruce lee, he may be real his legend is myth

C- Chuck Norris, the one the only roundhousekick that goes back and forwards in time

D- Dracula, awesome, calculated and ready to wait

E-Ellen Rippley, she can kill an alien she’s a hero

F-Freddy Kruger, awesome creative good fun

G-Goku, when he went super saian it was awesome

H-Hannibal lector, the cannibal psycho with the monster brain

I-Indiana jones, the whip totting nazi killing archeologist

J-Joker, amazing villan just wants to see the world burn

K-Kirk, Captain of the Enterprise the toughest man to kiss an alien

L- Luke, from Cool hand luke much better than skywalker

M-Martians, from war of the worlds mars attacks they are the evil out there

N-Nukem, duke, he’s here to kick ass and chew gum and he’s all out of gum

O-Obi Won, a true Jedi knight

P-Pug, read the riftwar saga it is awesome

Q-Queen of hearts, the hero of Alice in wonderland

R-Robocop, the ultimate crime fighter

S-Stewie Griffin, before becoming the butt of gay jokes he was the diabolical mastermind

T-Tyrion, my favourite for the game of thrones final winner

U-Undertaker, wrestling great survivor the dead man

V-V, he has a vendetta and a rich vocabulary of V  words

W- Wonder woman, caped crusader with an invisible plane

X-Xena, the list should have a woman in it.

Y- Yagami light, the maker of the new death note world

Z-Zero, conquers the world with the best intellect

and we have the greatest heroes and villains as scientifically chosen by a scientist and what not yeah


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