Conspiracy theroy 8: Finacial Crisis

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Conspiracy theory's
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the stock market drops again who knew and before any of you start saying there’s no conspiracy just stupid people who refused to stop the problem last time, think again why do you think they didn’t solve the problem.

as i said before in conspiracy theory 1 or 3 or somewhere before 6 when I lost my train of thought the lizard people and the ranga/mole man alliance are constantly at war with each other over total control of the world and both try to make us stupid and apathetic I know that’s one and two but it seems that they now want to wake us up and start WWIII good news you might say lets fight back, well when I say wake up I mean riot and kill each other such as in Brittain right now not reveal themselves and their plot the lizard people are definitely ready it is still to be seen if the rangas will stall and try to return order or plunge us into chaos but I guess I should tell you what they are doing rather than making vague statements.

so as your aware maybe a few years back we had the GFC( global financial crisis) due to bad loans stupid wars risky business practices or so they told you it was actually the lizard people trying to start the next war because before every great war there is a period of economic down turn and public anger that can then be directed at the supposed enemy and every time the governments get a little bigger and more powerful one step closer to the new world order, but as yet who will control that new world order is still up for grabs it maybe that after the next big war we still have to mega governments and it will take another even bigger war to finally settle who will be overall rulers, but regardless the lizard people are trying to undermine the economy to cause it and the molemen / rangas are stalling they can’t stop it but they postpone it while making sure it will be even bigger with cash handouts and higher spending, the idea to crash the social system and unleash the evil of man on itself and then swoop in and claim to protect them from each other.

but never fear the sun blocking machine and organ harvesting programs are at least 2 years away

  1. codebeard says:

    I’m more worried about ranga / yeti alliances…


  2. while it’s true yetis have a soft spot for rangas they are also glory hogs (rangas not yetis) and so no allience could form


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