Worst Bands Ever

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Lists
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more things that make me shudder you know how it works so lets get started

A-ABBA, possibly the worst band ever from a Eurovision start to the popiest goo ever to be called music

B-Bloodhound Gang, so bad they try to live off having song that mention sex to convince teenagers their cool, close second Bardo

C- Celine Dion, ok not a bad but the cover of ACDC is enough to earn her a spot regardless

D-Does it offend you Yeah!!, yes, yes it does offend me take it away

E-Elvis, seriously with half a dozen good songs your proclaimed the best ever, no chance

F-Four non blondes, bad name bad songs

G- Greenday , you are not punk stop trying to be punk i hate you

H-Human nature, inoffensive pretty boys who can’t sing

I-Isis, slow metal with little grove, not bad live though

J- Jimeriqui. just plain suck

K- Korn, not metal don’t pretend to be

L-Limp bisket, as bad as a chocolate starfish in hotdog flavoured water

M-Marilion Manson, angst filled semi-metal electronica

N-Nsync, crap and to blame for timberlake

O-obidiah,comedy country, no thanks

P- Pussycat dolls, dancing is not singing

Q-Queensrythe, operation mindcrime 1 and 2 are so good the rest so disappointing

R-Rocketts, everything that’s wrong with music somed up

S-Spicegirls, girl power or not they suck

T-The back street boys, so so bad

U-U2, overrated and overlayed

V-Veronicas,the, being a twin should not be your greatest musical ability

W-Wiggles.sadly australias biggest selling export

X-draw between every X band ever

Y-Yollanda b cool, no speak a americano? then get off my radio

Z-Zyclon B, named after deadly gas and horribly racist possibly the worst band ever


and there it is the bands to avoid at all cost


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