Back in time

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Adventures
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after helping tesla with his problem he asked me where and when I’d like to go, I asked him about your greatest warriors and toughest men and he told me of many great legends and conquerors and the one you called Attila the hun sounded the most interesting and so i asked to visit him. I decided that if I were to watch him as a young slave and his ascent to power then meet him it would give me more enjoyment so I traveled back to when he was 12 but just as I arrived I was interrupted by a future version of myself, this is where things got a little weird…

my future self then explained how I could not interfere with Attila as he was in fact a quarter yeti hybrid, although I knew of no other yetis on earth but regardless, I was told by the one person I respect, ME! so I listened and went somewhere else.

I decided that Genghis khan my original second choice of the stories he told me would do and as I arrived I was once again met by myself who this time said “yep sorry same story”

seeing as all other conquers would be a let down i thought a different tack was needed so if the strongest was out of the question how about the smartest, once more I asked tesla many a question and my answer came out as Leonardo da Vinci,

tesla was happy to accommodate,

I asked to see da Vinci just before he died so I could draw on hs vast knowledge from all his years and see all of his plans and inventions, when I got there I was greatly underwhelmed the vast intellect of da Vinci had apparently been over rated he was a formidable artist it was true but rather than one giant intellect I realised he was in fact just a leader of a large compound of minds and that his “inventions were more throwing things together and hoping than good science.

I returned disappointed, I thanked tesla and went back on my way journeying hoping to find my new home.


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