the Blizzard of OZ is the greatest story never told an epic 5 movie saga dreamt up one bored night while watching the wizzard of OZ with a lot of help from Matt. and so here are some notes on what it is all about they will have little rhyme or reason as they didn’t as we thought of them but I’ll do my best to start with the over arching story line or at least full scenes at a time.

the movies start with a 12-year-old boy at the end of a long street slowly walking towards the camera as the credits role as he gets closer a large metal bracelet can be seen on his wrist with a flashing light on it he gets to a few meters from the camera and his eyes flash red for a second and the screen goes blank.

but as for story line a college basketball team the Dorothy’s from Kansas state university are traveling across country from a championship match with their coach equipment manager and cheerleading squad when a tornado hits a secret government facility becoming a worm hole and then hits the bus transporting them to OZ, the crash kills the coach and the others all suddenly have the same bracelets as the 12-year-old boy did. ( these bracelets while vital will not get explained untill the 5th movie)

they will meet the munchkins (legless zombies) the lion (a horrible mutant animal) the scarecrow ( Jason from friday the 13th part three) and the tin man (a robot with a chainsaw arm) that will all try to kill them as they travel to find W.I.Z.Z.A.R.D. in the Ruby city, a city that is covered in rust, where the walls beat with a pulse and blood oozes out of them. but the wicked witch and her flying vampire monkeys will all try to stop them on the way as will the 7ft fur coat wearing vodka swilling giant club wielding protector of W.I.Z.Z.A.R.D.

but I think that is enough to confuse and interest you for now never fear there is much much more where this came from especially if matt helps me remember some of it

  1. […] (facility) the team are attacked by the tin man a chainsaw armed killer robot I explained to you in Blizzard part 1, he kills 5 members of the team before they escape in […]


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