Vampires 1:Basics

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Vampires
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I taught you how to deal with zombies, now vampires! what happens when a stronger, smarter enemy attacks your home and tries to take you out. Vampires

now as with Zombies there are many kinds depending on if you watch blade Nosferatu or (shudder) twilight but for the purpose of these survival techniques we will go with the most agreed upon known vampire skills

so here are the 10 basic points you need to know about your enemy his strengths weaknesses and powers.

1]they are strong and fast much more than a normal person

2]as they get older their powers increase oldest ones can survive sunlight turn into bats and fog

3]must be asked in can not enter a building without permission

4]must rest in ground they (or another vampire) were buried in

5]sunlight kills them when young

6]allergic to garlic, holy water and communion wafer

7]must drink blood of the living dead mans blood is like poison

8]are pale and sharp featured after a long stint without fresh blood are almost hyper-alive and beautiful when recently feasted

9]cannot eat or drink normal foods/drinks

10] at advanced age can control animals be they rats or even wolves


so now that the enemy is known I shall tell you how best to kill and protect yourself from the new undead menace in the next instalment



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