there is ever debate on who would make the greatest super group the best band of all time using all musicians the greatest football team using all players from all time but no more here are the answers

now there are a few too many greats for a single list so I will make a few bands aimed at different genres of music this time rock n roll/blues

Vocals Mick Jagger, the rolling stones front man almost unstoppable, his timing  and song writing abilities are amazing as is his voice

Lead guitar/vocals Jimi Hendrix, the groviest blues guitarist ever, great song writer and a voice that would need to be used for backing vocals.

Backing guitar Bob Dylan, one of the greatest songwriters ever if he can keep his mouth shut he could be the best

Bass guitar John Illsley, the dire straights bass man can pop lock and grove driving the song like no other

Drums Keith Moon the who superstar gets the skins pounding like the rocker he is.

Piano/vocals John Lenon, again one of the best song writers awesome vocalist and here provides a touch of class on the piano

so there we have it now this will not be just a band thing I will make lists of sports teams bands and anything else I come up with.

  1. Siitg says:

    Dear Mr Yeti
    As ever, your blogs are insightful and amusing. However, may I request that you pay closer attention to the spelling, grammar and punctuation in order to create an easier reading experience for everyone?


    • codebeard says:


      That’s a nice idea, but judging by the fact that theyetigeologist actually used capital letters several times during the post, I’d say it’s already been edited and that’s probably the best it’s going to be.


  2. i would love to say i will but i am increadably bad at thoose things ( i really just dont care) so much so i got an editor when i started but she got bored after about 10 -15 blogs and so now it is a spell checked only publication


  3. Siitg says:

    Ah, I understand. Well may I suggest that you amend the error in your subtitle, Ideas ‘dripped’ rather than ‘driped.’ That will help a bit.


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