Vampires 2: how to stay safe

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Vampires
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So your up against the living dead the real bat men where do you go how do you live and fight back.

This will assume an attack by a small force of vampires (20 or less) rather than a massive world domination attack (I’ll get to that later)

This is also assuming you only want to stay safe not fight back (again later)

First things first garlic is your best bet the flower more so than the root but both will do if need be.

Crosses put them everywhere you can keep one on you at all times.

Never invite anyone into the house, be a jerk if you must but let no one in. Vampires can’t enter a house uninvited this is your best form of defence.

Reinforce your doors and walls while the vampire itself can’t enter uninvited, the animals the older stronger ones can control wont hesitate to enter.

Go out only in daylight even the strongest that can survive in sunlight lose all powers in the warm light of day.

Guns, knives ect while they wont kill they will wound and cause them to run and repair.

Don’t try to fight back if you don’t have the knowledge, experience, the weapons or the partners.

So that will keep you alive through a small outbreak, how to stay strong through a vampire apocalypse and how to fight off attacks will come later.

  1. […] will have to fight them at night by now your house should be sufficiently protected as outlined in Vampires 2 and be used as a fall back and staging point for all […]


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