Blizzard of Oz part 2

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Blizzard of OZ
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time to once again astound you with my brilliance or possibly insanity so a bit more overarching vision from our epic saga.

now each movie will have a main genre it borrows from while the story itself will involve horror, sci-fi, action, kung-fu, drama and many other aspects the first four movies will be used to set up each genre, that probably made no sense to you so let’s try again.

Movie 1 will both be the origin and a horror based movie as blizzard part 1 told you there are many horror based characters that will be introduced and the first movie will play on the sense of terror and confusion the team faces on traveling to a new world.

Movie 2 will be once they reach the W.I.Z.Z.A.R.D. facility and realise it’s a science facility set up to study the rift that brought them across the worlds. here the mysterious equipment manager Roy uses the giant super computer to reopen the rift making a way home.

Movie 3 after they open the rift within minutes tanks start pouring in (making nearby trees bend in towards them and giant winds and dust (gravity well))as the army pours in it sets up a massive war between the human invaders and the inhabitants os OZ, the humans are winning but at the end of the movie an ancient temple opens and five warriors step out ending the movie.

Movie 4 the kung-fu movie shows the five warriors as they destroy the US army and regain control of OZ each of the warriors has very unique fighting style and dress which may be explained later.

Movie 5 wraps up all the loose ends (ok not all) and brings the series to a close in a way that will shock astound all but that we havent come up with yet.


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