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Posted: October 23, 2011 in Adventures
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Ok so it’s not really an adventure but it relates to my yeti path and so i feel it belongs here

So it is time to impart to you some of the wisdom of the yeti by giving you some of the words of the yeti home world and their meanings some you will find quite familiar other you may never of heard or be able to pronounce correctly so here we go!

Puwarvy, pronounced(poo-waa-vae)

1. classy or sophisticated but with an edge of danger

2. regal

3. beautiful fear inspiring

Splendifouros, pronounced(splend-dif-er-ous)

1. the act of being slpendid

Vizxkard, pronounced (vizxkard)

1. feeling of doom with no reason

2 restlessness tinged with guilt

Badong, pronounced (ba-dong)

1. bad and wrong

2.stupid and foolish

Arexby, pronounced (r-ex-by)

1. slow painful death as a result of fear

Fantasmigorical, pronounced (fan-tas-mi-gor-i-cal)

1. magical wonderful

2. bringing much joy

there you go some of the great yeti words and the meanings behind them, mostly to annoy my editor girlfriend enjoy!

  1. codebeard says:

    Ah, vocabulary from the tome of the highest authority on proper language usage, the yeti geologist.

    “Splendifouros” is spelt “splendiferous” and is not an act of being splendid (which would make it a noun), but an adjective which is simply synonymous with splendid.

    Further, “Fantasmigorical” is spelt “phantasmagorical”.

    Don’t cop out and say that this is just how they’re spelt in the yeti world — no one would fall for that.


    • cop out, please! it’s much like all other words in english, being a horrible mongrel language made from the butchered remains and stolen body parts of older more beautiful languages, english quite often gets it wrong, those two words have their origins in the yeti home language the “english” equivolent is the wrong one


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