Supergroups 3 Heavy metal

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Supergroups
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heavy metal the 3rd super group to be named here in the ultimate fashion or something.

Vocals Ronnie James Dio, the best voice in metal possibly in music in general, former Black Sabbath front man as well as rainbow Dio and a brilliant writer of ballads and mid-paced metal greatness.

Guitair K.K. Downing, along with Tipton(keys) Judas priests driving force and song writter quality guitairist.

Guitair/Keys/Flute Tony Iommi, the multi instramentalist of black sabbath fame despite the loss of finger tips helped invent the heavy metal sound.

Keys/Guitair Glenn Tipton, While a guitairist by trade also palys keyboard and synsths as with downing the force behind Judas priest.

Bass Steve Harris, The main man behind maiden with a unique style and simple yet amazing song writing ability.

Drums Phil “Philfy Animal” Taylor motor head drumer fast strong and awesome at what he does.


ok this is far too short but oh well


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