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The moon landing the pinnacle of human achievement apparently, how often have you heard “we can put a man on the moon but can’t…”

Well there is a reason for that, they never did land on the moon it was staged but not for the reasons you may think.

Many people have put theory’s of the moon landing being staged in area 51 or remote salt lakes with questions raised on why there are no stars or why the flag seems to flap or why the russians gave up manned missions saying it was impossible or why 30 years later the US aren’t going back or setting up bases.

But the real reason is far more sinister. the men in black the evil alien hiding/killing organisation (unlike their cartoonish good guy personas with will smith and tommy lee jones) discovered the yeti during the space race and realised the threat that would be released if mankind were to upset their home.

Now that doesn’t explain why the russians stopped though but that may have had something to do with a friendly warning from the MIB speaking of them I may have to explain them to you in more detail in another post.

but for now so long from your rock loving friend


Fluoride, teeth cleaning wonder, or mind control? there are many theory’s when it comes to fluoride from the fact that it makes you stupid to not having it makes your teeth fall out to mass medication and mood control but which is it.

now a lot of the world has treated water this involves chlorine and many other chemicals but fluoride is added to water as a health benefit to help keep teeth healthy, but why?

it seems absurd that any government let alone a score of them would mass medicate the entire population by adding things to the water it seems almost super villian-ish or at least Orwellian.

but it is much more horrific than you can ever imagine while yes it will medicate you it will dull your senses making you stupid and more docile, much like the media and nightclubs as I’ve stated before, but no the real reason is the taste of your blood, because you see the lizard people have to eat people to stay alive they feast on flesh to keep their abnormally long life spans (compared to humans) and to them fluoride is like honey it gives human meat a sweet glaze that makes them smile their lizard smiles and hiss in pleasure.

so next time you brush your teeth or dink a glass of tap water remember you might as well be honey glazing yourself for the lizards.