Posted: November 9, 2011 in Thoughts
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So as you may/ may not be aware there are currently worldwide protests demanding almost everything loosely combined under the occupy movement and by everything I mean everything large sections contradict each other and most have a list of hundreds of “demands”(whiny complaints) to make the world better.(for them) now to this I’d like to say read people are stupid but this is the best example ever.

Now as I see it, people through the middle east had a few uprisings and regime changes ect these last few months, now these were people who had serious problems and a focused stance and cause they were willing to stand up and possibly die for, and as a result most of them were successful, at least in the short-term, after small wars, riots and months of pain and after years of hardship. but all the occupy people saw was, hey they made a noise and got what they wanted why can’t we, but since they couldn’t agree on what they wanted they just made a list that is both ridiculous and contradictory in many places and started getting in the way of the wrong people, none of their demands are for cops to be dragged away from fighting crime and yet there protests need huge escorts the rich or 1% they keep crying about are never at the center of them they don’t picket billionaire mansions or corporate headquarters they do however constantly complain about the government being crappy and then make it harder for them to do their job in the first place. makes sense (at least if you drank to many cruisers fell down a flight of steps and into oncoming traffic the night before it does)

But when does being a bad idea stop any movement instead I call on all my faithful readers all 3 of you to stand up and begin the “Abandon” movement  our soul goal will be to protest the protesters and using the skills learned from greenpeace sink bombs are the best way so gather as many fart bombs sulfur or methane smelling things you can and release them at the next occupy rally if they truly care they will stay if not your saving them some time.

and so (insert readers favourite profund saying) and goodnight


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