Starlight Lucifer

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Thoughts
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Starlight Lucifer! who is starlight lucifer you may ask and to that i answer the best band and the best story ever to come out of Adelaide.

Starlight lucifer is something that needs to be turned into a movie or better yet a tv series, it is the epic 15 minute album from the band Starlight lucifer and tells the story of the spaceship the starlight lucifer as it explores the farthest reaches of the galaxy before problems arise and some of the crew are turned into cyborgs ( yes this may be why i love them so much cyborgs are just amazing)


there are simply fantastic with lines like

“got to sight all the stars got to wail guitars till we reach the end”

“brave men can not die, they live for ever”

and “what are we going to do?”

“the only thing we can do TURN THEM INTO ROBOTS!”

they are the perfect mix of scfi and comedy, with enough tension what with, the failing communications, meteor shower that damages the ship and cyborg uprising in there 15 minuets to fill a movie easily and be a massive cult hit if handled properly.

this is where I’d love to have a song or at least complain about piracy and how you should all buy albums or something but the truth is to upload songs you need to have a paid blog and I’m cheap(like the budgie) so you miss out, and probably think I’m insane if you already didn’t.

but remember Starlight Lucifer is AWESOME!


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