Allstars 3: Basketball

Posted: December 3, 2011 in All Stars
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Here we go again this time with basketball, but with only five men to choose we will make it a little more interesting,

There will be the normal best/most interesting players ever as seen by me but also I shall give you the best fictional characters and the position they would play.

So for the all-star team…

f) Andrew Bogut, The Aussie machine needed to put an australian in the team.

f)  LeBron James, 7 time all-star among so many other awards and teams.

c) Shaquille O’Neal, the shaq attack with a 20 year career and 15 all-star selections one of the most intimidating players ever.

g) Kobe Bryant, has won too many awards and all-star teams to mention a modern great.

g) Micheal Jordan, everybody wants to be like mike, the man who was basketball despite too many retirements/comebacks.

and now for some fun and their competion.

f) Mr Fantastic, may be incredibly boring but stretch arms and legs would make him a force to be reckoned with.

f) The Invisible Man, you can’t defend what you can’t see.

c) Frankenstein, the original was taller stronger faster more flexible and just better than everyone else.

g) Teen wolf, you all saw how good he was in the movie he would be unstoppable.

g) Bulls-eye, the dare-devil villain never misses a throw would be the perfect shot from anywhere on the court.


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