Christmas and new years

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Ok so I’m going to be serious for a change,

I know I didn’t think I had it in me either but here goes.

Christmas a time of year I hate, yes yes I’m a horrible person and a Grinch and blah blah blah.

But this is why I hate it, first of all living in Australia I’m more likely to have a Christmas so hot i cant walk out side without bursting into flames, and yet I still have to put up with fake snow men, fat men in huge coats and fake snow spray all over the place.

Now the fake cold while I burn is not the only thing that annoys me but what has winter to do with christmas well yes it was once the winter solstice but that’s forgotten long ago,  hmm family friends, giving, kindness? no they can all be any time of year. how bout the birth of christ the thing it’s named after and should be all about? no-no talk of snow or fat jolly men. that is also part of my gripe with christmas people who winge christmas is too commercial then talk of santa or frosty or other things invented to sell poor quality junk to fools in the name of christmas cheer.

Now to stop this being a spiteful crack at all you hold dear( I’ll leave that for my normal entries) here is what I like about christmas

Now I would like to say spending time with family but since I didn’t last year and wont again this year I can’t really. Likewise friends I doubt I’ll see many of you over christmas not cause i don’t like you (except those of you I don’t like) but it is one of the few times of year that Christ gets a look in and it’s not because of some nut job or some disturbed priest, but because God sent his son to earth to save all humanity,one of the most remarkable things ever done. and something that should never, but some how seems to, get  lost in the hustle and junk that has attacked christmas.

so here’s my reminder of why christmas sucks but why it should be the best time of year.


Now new years the time of year you get drunk, spend all your money and start the new year broke, hung over and missing half your car.

it sucks too yep you guessed it.

so happy holidays!


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