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I have changed over the last two years and I’m wondering if it’s for the better.

on paper it’s great I now have a girlfriend, a job, a car that won’t break down if you look at it wrong, a better wider taste in music, movies and books.

but have I just sold out? (of course not you need talent and artistic integrity for that)

As a kid all I wanted was to play football, granted I was a bit of a dreamer thinking I’d ever play AFL I was never that good, but I gave up on that and turned to music and fire.

first nu-metal (linkin park, POD ect) and sparkler bombs(and some stuff a little more fun) but I havent blown anything up in over a year, and the last album I listened to was Adele, 15yo me would have hated that, but I went from blowing stuff up to playing pranks (glad wrapping cars freezing jumpers inside large blocks of ice). but again close to a year since I played a real joke on anyone, and it was also then I found iron maiden, dream theater and led Zeppelin for a year or two I was obsessed with loud hard heavy music, it’s been two years since my last death metal concert(again don’t get me wrong I still love it), then I thought I’d read the classics, books that mean something Tolstoy, Goldman and the like. I was going to learn things and I started listening to experimental music, both of these are still happening but even they are starting to wane.

and now I’m watching the imdb 250 greatest movies, reading russian literature and listening to pop and RnB. and enjoying it.

But what happened to the rage against the machine fan that blew stuff up thought the friday the 13th’s were the best movies, comedy books were the best to read and loved practical jokes?

Dont get me wrong I still like those things but I hardly do them and I hardly watched a game of football last year after watching 3 or more a week growing up.

Now  I’m happy with who I am but I realised that I need to step away from the pretentious Pysdo adult stuff every now and then I need to be a stupid kid (if not quite as stupid as I was)

So for those of you I know, it’s time to prank and set fire to things once more, it’s time to put down the Nietzsche and pick up the pranks. (unfortunatley I should wait till fire ban is over to burn things)

So am I happy with how I changed?


but going from 5 hours work a week and being single to 50 and in a relationship took longer to get used to than I thought, as did getting up at 5am instead of going to bed then.

so a strangely serious if self-absorbed post there i’ll blame that on late nights and strange convos, but never fear I’ll be back to my yeti stories and delusions for the next post probably


Australia the lucky country, the land of the 4 day weekend (5 if you’re in the construction union) so what do have to hate about Australia you ask.

Nothing well ok lots of things but I wont go into them as much, this is instead 4 reasons (one for every day off I get) I love this country.

1 It’s Freaking Huge,

Seriously how many other country’s are big enough to have a 30C day and snow in different parts of the country on the same day , or heat waves and bush fires and massive floods, as well as the most remote city in the world, where driving from one side to the other will likely kill you if you try it nonstop going north/south or east/west. australia is huge we have everything and if you stay out of the city’s there’s no one around to ruin it for you.

2 Sport,

We are obsessed with it a country with our population should be fighting Poland for 49th place at the Olympics instead we make the top 5-10 every 4 years despite the fact that football(AFL or either Rugby code) netball and cricket our 5 biggest sports don’t feature, not to mention that at surfing, motor racing, bmx ect (name an extreme sport) and even lawn bowls we dominate or at least hold our own, this is despite being one of the fattest country’s in the world. to put this in perspective we should be the kid that despite being 5ft still weighs 120kg and can’t run instead we’re james hird 6’3” and stupidly athletic.

3 We hate everything but not enough to do anything about it,

We do, everything is horrible from boat people invading to global warming, dodgy government and the economy. but does it matter? of course not we are too laid back to care so long as we have sport to watch and a beer in our hand it’s all good mate, she’ll be right. and it’s not because we are lazy or apathetic, it’s because we are lucky and we know it we know it’s not that bad that all the rubbish we put up with someone elsewhere would kill to have. because were the lucky country.

4 Everything wants to kill you.

from the sun to the plants and every animal even the apparently cuddly koala will disembowel you given a chance, killer spiders and snakes roam our city’s, sharks and poisonous fish the ocean huge crocks the rivers, and yet it’s all safe and beautiful.


and thats my view of the lucky country. so go listen to the jjj hotest 100