Vampires 3: How to fight back

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Vampires
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So the living undead the night walkers have come to get you how do you fight back.

Well first things first finding the lair, all of the lairs of all of the vampires is by far the most important thing, if you can sterilise the soil with holy water or garlic then you can take away a large amount of their power before any attacks try to find the lair.

Secondly go prepared. go with garlic, silver, a cross and if possible holy water to help fend of any attacks and make your more successful but also carry a stake for the final blow and a gun and knife to get through any wolf, rat ect attacks the undead may throw at you.

Then attack during the day, get them as they sleep if you can find them in their coffins then they will be easy prey. even if you can’t get all of them stopping the spread of lairs will be a very important first step.

If you can’t find the lairs then you will have to fight them at night by now your house should be sufficiently protected as outlined in Vampires 2 and be used as a fall back and staging point for all attacks.

Now one on one you will be no match for a vampire, the strength and speed they posses will easily defeat you. To counter this go in at least teams of three, with proper defenses this should allow you to beat a single vampire at a time.

But again this is for a small infestation of less than 20 vampires what to do in case of world domination will come in the next and final  parts.


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