Supergroups 4 Prog Rock

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Supergroups
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Time for prog rocks best!

for those that question what prog rock is well it’s impossible to say but basically the best technical or most experimental music played at weird time signatures or on strange instruments, anything that wont fit into normal genres.

this will be a big band I’m talking crush the stage with its presence big 10 members big

Vocals. Scott Walker, the man has composed some of the most experimental yet amazing sounding sounds you will hear, with a great baritone voice that will mix nicely with the other three vocalists.

Vocals, Tarja Turunen, She is a full lyric soprano and has a vocal range of three octaves has amazing ability and was the voice of nightwish sporening dozens of copycat singers none who could match her.

Vocals/Percussion. Phil Collins, a good drummer and has a very nice voice took genesis to great heights and will add some brilliant mid range vocals and secondary percussion.

Vocals/Guitar. Mikael Åkerfeldt, the driving force behind opeth and capable of one of the best death metal growls in music and still sublime clean notes, also voted in the top 10 metal guitarist ever capable of crunching riffs and acoustic wizardry.

Everything.  Steven Wilson, the man that is porcupine tree possibly my favorite band, and by everything i mean he plays, guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, Mellotron, hammer dulcimer, flute, banjo, organ, harp and he sings and writes the songs for porcupine tree, he will add the flourish that turns a good song great.

Guitar. Mark Knoffler, the dire straights lead man one of the best guitarists ever with his finger picking style and blues tones.

Guitair. Jeff Beck, an amazing player with the ability to do the ridiculous adds another layer to the sound.

Keys. Kieth Emmerson, of ELP one of if not the best rock keyboardist of all time.

Bass. John Myung, the dream theater bass master been with the most renowned prog band through it all and a master at his art.

Drums. Neil Perst, the rush drummer and undeniable drum legend can do it all and then some.


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