Blizzard of Oz pt3

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Blizzard of OZ
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Ok time to reveal the secrets behind the five ancient warriors their dress and their mysterious abilities.

none of them are named throughout the series and will instead be known by the order in which they appear as they leave the temple together and stand ready at the end of the 3rd movie.

Warrior 1 looks like this

but much cooler

the glasses are because he is blind, as is the bamboo stick he will use to fend off attacks before getting serious. he will mostly stand their untill warrior two dies at which point he will drop his walking stick and draw the two drum sticks and unleashes his fury. he will move in a blur impaling and smashing skulls with his vicious blows before finally falling to a bomb blast.

Warrior 2 will be an old man wearing a loin cloth who will have devastating power but be quite slow. he will look frail and move slowly yelling insults and hurling abuse the entire time he fights he will be the second to die.

Warrior 3 will never say a word during the attack he will stand there untill the other 4 have been defeated. He will be dressed in a loose white shirt, orange leather pants and no shoes. half way through his fight it will seem like he has been defeated. at this point he will go into a trance where he must defeat reality in order to gain more strength. to do this he will battle the personifications of gravity, energy, light, and time. as he defeats each of them he gains power over them in the real world this is seen as he begins to float in the real world them glow before reawakening being master of  reality destroying the invading army before burning up from the inside from too much power.

Warrior 4 is a woman steam punk sniper with a gun 8ft tall that shoots exploding bullets that take down helicopters, tanks and the like after a few shots she drops the gun and draws to swords from her back and runs charging into the army hacking at everyone in her way before slicing through a flame thrower pack and blowing herself up.

Warrior 5 the first to die is completely useless but looks like Goku steps to block a bullet with his hand and it passes straight through to his skull stopping him straight away.

So that’s the 5 warriors and your dose of Blizzard for now.


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