The World 1

Posted: February 11, 2012 in The World
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ok so here is where I now review county’s based solely on things I’ve heard, the tv, music and movies they put out and stuff i make up cause it sounds good.

each one will have 1 country from each continent/region from around the world.

so first up from



The land that takes your breath away, quite literally if it’s not the amazing scenery leaving you speechless it’s the animals or people trying to kill you in a hundred different ways, or maybe just the sun trying to burn you to a crisp, or the rivers trying to drown you, or the spontaneous fires roasting you alive.



A land of demons full of killer school girls and perverts if anime is to be trusted physics seems to be weaker there possibly due to some sort of magic or superior technology, the land of the rising sun is either way bizarre but defiantly not boring.



The only country in the world where a crazy dwarf could be there greatest warrior, these cheese eating surrender monkeys do however know food and pastry in particular. a dirty smelly place as they are too “romantic” to clean, good radio reception though.



a land of milk and honey where law is absolute everyone is happy and piracy is government sanctioned. the perfect holiday destination well worth going to for any reason you can imagine.

North America


the us is one of the few country’s to try to starve the world to death by eating itself to suicide, built on slaves and fear this land of the free will lock you out and shoot you for disagreeing with them.

South America


great soccer players if a little untrustworthy love to steal everything that’s not tied down (world cup) and even a few things that are (Falkland Islands) but long rivers great forests and south american laws.

so there we have it the first 6 country’s on my round the world jaunt through the world


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