Cooking and Thieving

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Thoughts
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Cooking is something i suck at! Most assuredly suck at.

From mash potatoes that turn to soup to stakes that end up more stewed than fried.

So why do I suck so much at something I love doing (although I suppose technically it’s the eating not the cooking I love) but still when it comes to my favorites I can sort of cook ( I make a mean potato bake and a perfect egg sandwich) but all else I’m pretty much useless. I can follow a recipe but am useless if it isn’t a good one or if I don’t have one, and I think I figured out why, I like food even rubbish food even my mashed soup potatoes I enjoyed the flavour of. I will happily eat and be satisfied with a pie from a servo it might not be as good as a german feast from handoff inn (which is amazing I might add) but it keeps me warm it’s tasty and   that’s what I need in my food.

Now thieving. so I woke up yesterday morning to find my car broken into (YAY) now apart from the fact none will get them any money except the $5 in change from my ash tray, the old work phone or the hand-held computer that only works with components from work, the calculator I got in year 8, and a cd holder with 150 cd’s that might be useful but considering half of that is either hardcore, death metal, blues or country,I doubt it will be much good to them.

Now I am less angry today than yesterday now I’ve had a good nights sleep, but I still really wish the scumbag that stole useless worthless (to them) stuff would be eaten slowly by blood sucking parasites every night from the next ten years because having that stuff taken will make my next few weeks at work suck trying to rebuild my files.

Or you know at least feel bad while being hit by a bus or something

  1. akbd says:

    Well you are still around moaning about the cooking. So rest assured it can’t be all that bad.


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