All Stars 5: Wrestling

Posted: April 16, 2012 in All Stars
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because why not, it is totally a sport or something. fine there are no real sports left that I care about so it’s wrestlings turn.


Ok so if you got this far i take it you probably watched wrestlemania we will have a similar 6 man tag match but done as an elimination tag and in hell in a cell.

so here we go


team 1

the heroes so to speak


Hulk Hogan, the showman and one of wrestling biggest names.

Andre The Giant, never had there been a more intimidating ring presence.

The Rock, the people’s champion and captain of team bring it.

Jeff Hardy, the dare-devil enigma, the riskiest and most fun to watch super star ever.

John Cena, never taps out has won a ridiculous amount of titles and “you can’t see ” him

Rey Mesteryo, 619 the worlds biggest 5 footer.


And the Bad guys

Stone Cold Steve Austin, the rattle snake has no remorse.

Brock Lesner, from wwe to ufc and now he’s back with the f5

HHH, it’s all about the game and how you play it.

The Undertaker, 20 nill streak at wrestlemania is why the phenom can not be left out.

Kane, the big red monster is ready to feed on your humanity

Edge, The ultimate opportunist, will kick you in the groin while smacking you with a chair from behind.


ok so there we go the last All Star game form the yeti for now at least.


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