Conspiracy Theroy 12: JFK

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Conspiracy theory's
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JFK the man who spawned a hundred conspiracy theory’s, but how did he really die? (or did he really die?)

Many will speak of a second or third shooter on the grassy knoll or from the bridge of mafia or communist plots even people inside the government that thought he was a threat to national security. But what really happened that day.

The US Government will tell you Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone was an angry failure of a man who blamed  the president and so due to his metal instability shoot 3 times and killed Kennedy with one of those shots.

The truth is a little more interesting…

The Man who died that day was not the president, he was a body double who had no idea he was set up to be killed by a paid assassin, you see Kennedy was in trouble with the Mob he knew he was about to lose all he had when the mafia either exposed or blackmailed him. (they had him for sharing state secrets and sharing a mistress with mafia king pins) Kennedy needed a way out where he could keep his reputation intact then he realised that if he died by assassination he would not only save his reputation but enhance it and go down as one of the most beloved presidents of all time (despite the fact he was about to be kicked out of office after one term)

So he did what any self-serving egomaniac would do and faked his own death now Oswald knew about the hoax and Kennedy didn’t want any surviving witnesses that could come back to haunt him latter so he had a second assassin hired to kill his assassin thus muddying the trail even more.

So what has the man been doing since it’s been a long time since his apparent death.

Well what all rich powerful womanizer do he’s been living in brazil in a mansion full of slaves and cloning little hitler babies to hunt for sport.

Till next time adios.


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