just when you thought they were dead back they come with a new album LIVING THINGS.

But first a look back at what made them a force in the first place the four albums that appeared before this one.

Starting with….

Hybrid Theroy,

the album that gave us one step closer and in the end linkin parks best adventure in to nu-metal was an album I listened to non stop for almost 2 years as a teenager.

then came….


a little softer and more emotional it non the less pretty much picked up where Hybrid Theroy stopped and kicked the rap metal and teen angst to it’s best.

Minutes to Midnight

the less said the better, an anti-war winge that has little direction and less class.

but it did lead to

A Thousand Suns

My favorite linkin park album it is simply amazing the use of electronic noise and pseudo intellectual lyrics with some quote from genuinely meaningful people somehow combines to be brilliant.

so this brings us to Living Things, what is my opinion I hear you scream ( or prehaps that’s the voices in my head) well I’m only half way through but the experimental feel of a thousand suns has faded but can still be felt a little and the teen angst has come back along with some heavier guitars, so really this is the album you would expect Minutes to midnight to be had you heard all meteora and knowing it would become a thousand suns, unfortunately it comes after a thousands suns, which lowers my hopes of a return to the experimental electro style they were I thought embracing. and it goes back to being 35 mins long.


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