The World 3

Posted: June 24, 2012 in The World
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Once again I scour the globe and give you insights and travel advice for your own globe-trotting adventure.

but before I do some travel advice.

  • always travel alone it’s just more fun
  • never book ahead just find somewhere to stay on the night
  • always try the local food from street venders it’s more authentic
  • avoid the tourist runs and just wander down back alleys to see the real city

Now for this installments locations.



The party capital of the region full of amazing beaches quite locals and drunken tourists, some crazy festivals including a day of complete silence.



The Land of huge walls and a billion people soon to be the superpower this kinda communist country is home to brilliant food and the worlds tallest man, yet if you go there you will still feel tall.



The shrinking empire, once spanning a huge part of the globe. inventor of a huge number of sports they now lose continually at (soccer, rugby, tennis ect) Home to right manners the queen and fish and chips it’s the happiest place on earth.



All you need to know is in that song.

North America


Safest place on earth no drugs or gang warfare, Land of the mid day siesta and the laziest men alive, mixed with the hardest working to produce a land of leisure and fun.

South America


The bane of australian soccer world cup attempts the land that puts up with many a gay joke because of its name is a dive a place that should never be visited ever for any reason.

Well there you have it ^ more country’s you now know everything you need to know.


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