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Growing up

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Thoughts
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It seems like I might actually be a real adult soon I am finally moving out.

and having bought a fridge, microwave and washing machine its starting to sink in that hey I’m going to be living alone soon and having to do my own washing and cooking and all the other stuff like paying my bills and cleaning and junk I’ve put off for so long.

So I don’t think I can put off any of that stuff anymore.

and right now I both want to and never want to. while I love the idea of living by myself having an empty house to come home too and uninterrupted sleep and reading time I also don’t want to leave a rent free food provided washing done home of loving family (like how I added that at the end there so it doesn’t look like a just sponge off my folks)

but even more than an empty house I can’t wait till I come home to my wife which somehow feels closer now I have a house to come home too and that I really cant wait for (and not just cause then I have less cooking to do)

umm yeah where was I.

oh yeah new house means no internet so no updates till I get that up and running so the final 11 posts may take a while and yeah ill be finishing when I hit 100 posts by then this has run its course and I need to try something new

oh and a new record for the number of I’s in a post, I think I’m getting even more arrogant any who till next time for the fuzzy one