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The music of the yeti is one of the few things i miss from my time on the moon it was both majestic and ethereal, brutal and demanding all at once it had a quality that is impossible to explain to humans it has a quality to it that not only play on the ears and emotions but conjures images clear as day and smells so vivid you’d swear they were real.

But that doesn’t mean i can’t attempt to bring some primitive yeti-esc music  to the world. this will be happening in the next few months with music to astound and confound you chances are it will be rubbish but you never know it could well be half listenable to.

but anyway keep your ears peeled I’m sure when its ready it will get a shot on here.

but until then listen to Scott Walker the closest you humans have come to real music try Tilt, The Drift, or Bish Bosh and be stunned disturbed or confused by what you hear.

till next fuzzy one signing off.


Welcome to the cyber side of the new world war where Jobs and Gates duke it out for cyber supremacy.

Now of course it’s more than just a consumer war although that does help pay the bills for the more outlandish battles, and I’m not saying Bill Gates purposefully gave Steve Jobs cancer to get him out of the way (although he definitely did) this is more about the lizard ranga war once again, with gates on one side and jobs the other. ill let you try to figure which is which.

Now the war is fought on two very different fronts for two very different reason apple is trying to control the world through media, capturing the creative types to reshape our culture and art from the end back. they also use viruses to a much greater effect making Microsoft a disease ridden husk.

While Microsoft they have a two-pronged attack they head straight for the accountants and analytical types the businesses and the firms to control the way things are run rather than the direction, but they also hit the gamers trying to dull the creative process sap the life out of any creativity they might have had while De-sensitizing them to the atrocity they now enjoy watching.

But the war may be coming too a messy intersection with a third-party run by the grey entering the equation in the guise of the “try not to be evil” company Google.

For those of you that don’t know the “Grey” are the typical large-headed slim bodied grey skinned aliens. they haves ignored earth for the most part, until recently they were  content to do fly overs abducting and probing people.

But all of a sudden they have decided they want the earth as well. I am as of yet unsure why but with Google they are making a very strong hit at capturing the cyber market. i would say more but then my blog wouldn’t show up on a Google search and that’s half my audience.

So see you next time till I get shutdown.