Blizzard of Oz 5

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Blizzard of OZ
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Time to give you one last look into the wonderful world of OZ (at least until the inevitable book and movie deals come knocking)

So what better place to finish than the end.

The final scene of Oz is the survivors back on their bus and going home through the portal, as soon as the bus passes into the portal there is a white flash the bus jerks out the other end on to the same road from the very beginnings of the story with the little boy on it. as the bus comes through it rolls to a stop and the shot jumps to the inside of the bus all that remains inside is the bracelets but the lights are now flashing red slowly at first and building up the camera zooms in on one as it gets faster and faster leaving the entire screen flashing red and black. the screen then goes black the end credits play with what a wonderful world playing over the top.


But more on the music of Blizzard being a five movie epic it has an impressively long sound track and while a fair chunk of that will be made for the movie, never the less there will be some cameo appearances from songs throughout.

at the introduction of an eccentric recluse in the third movie the rolling stones “Sympathy for the Devil” will  play and he will jump off the roof singing it as he appears before our troop of survivors.

during a mental break down of our female lead the song  “maybe tomorrow” by chance waters is playing.

you already know that “Frank Sinatra” by cake will be playing for the most gruesome chainsaw seen cinema has ever seen.

and through the five movies the entire Blizzard of Oz album by Ozzy Osbourne obviously has to get a run.

but that will do for now just keep your eyes peeled and wallets ready for when the books and/or films start flowing.

till next time yeti signing off and counting down.


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