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Well this is it the 100th and final post from the yeti geologist after 2 years it’s time to call it a day. the music page may be updated from time to time as new songs are made but your journey through my mind hole is at an end I wish I had a deep meaningful quote to leave you with or even that I could promise you it was definitely over. but until I think up some other good conspiracy’s or find new topics to write about 100 seems like a good spot to leave it.

so farewell, live long and prosper, keep watching the skies. and may the force be with you….

oh but first one last dig at the pope or maybe more a suggestion for the new pope  “sell everything you own, and give the money to the poor”’s been emotional.


So I am now a married person and now that I’m home and sorting out the house it is kind of sinking in. Its amazing but first to talk about drugs.

So in the last few months the AFL has been investigating recreational drug use by its players. While  a much more sinister performance enhancing drug problem seems to have been going on at Essondon and the Gold Coast and has to throw a light on Gelong in their glory days, since the same high performance managers had positions at their club in the premiership years. All this after Lance Armstrong came out and finally admitted to doping despite never testing positive proving it’s possible to dodge the tests even when you are targeted and competing on the world stage. So whats the answer? I hear you ask. Remove the bans! Pure and simple even the playing field by letting them all dope the hell out of each other create a faster tougher more durable game with the best players playing better than naturally possible or instant life time bans and multimillion dollar fines and make the managers, trainers, coaches anyone that can be proved to have known face the same penalty.

Now back to marriage, it’s amazing! granted I’m only into my third week as a husband and first week back at my own home but still it’s pretty good and I encourage you to try it. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done and i couldn’t imagine not being with my gorgeous wife forever, so probably a good start.

And finally Techno i have 4 songs all but finished for my up coming album just needing vocal to be recorded for over the top still a fair way to go as I’m planing 10-15 songs at the moment but the first song should be up in the next week or two so have a look when it’s done.

Cheers for listening and I’ll see you next time.